This year in the junior school, all the classes were named after flowers, as at the end of the year the teachers wanted us all to flourish.
I think it’s a great topic as we all have a goal to archive, this year.
These are some of the class names, Magnolias,Daisies, Orchids.
What do you think of this idea?

Year 6

I am in Year 6 and so far it is awesome.
In one week we are going to camp.
Which is at Cockatoo Island, the whole class is very excited so am I.
The first night we are camping, this is going to be alot of people’s first time camping in a tent, So it will be very intresting to see what will happen.
There is a wide range of activities to do like rafting which will be very funny, and snorkling which will be totally amazing.
Enjoy your week.


On Thursday and Friday, Year 5 are going to Bathurst, NSW, as we are learning about the gold rush in the 1850s – 1920s.
We are going by coach and the trip is about 3 hours.
I am expecting that we will go panning at the gold fields – that’s what the Year 6s and teachers have been saying, but I don’t think there’s any gold.
We are told by Year 6 that we will find tiny specks of Gold, but we won’t come home like millionaires – that was the job of people in the 19th and 20th century.
We are staying in a motel with a room of 4, I wonder who’s in my dormitory.
I hope the food will be good after a hard day’s work, it will be great if the whole of Year 5 sits together so we can share our stories about the day I bet we’ll have had so much fun.
I’ll let you know what happened on Friday afternoon, Saturday or any time afterwards.

I’m really excited about another camp, and I can’t wait for Thursday. The only thing is the early start – the bus leaves school at 7 in the morning! I’m not a morning person. At all!

The famous Bathurst statue!

Have you been on a camp before? Where?
Keep Blogging 🙂

Chynna and Jess


In French lessons we have an assignment – to make snakes and ladders.
So we learnt about how to say soccer so we put a soccer board on our board games to represent a soccer ball.
So it goes on, after we’ve done it we have to play each other’s board game.
So That’s French for you.

Jess: Alexa’s class assembly

Hello, world!

This is Jess the bookworm speaking. Just a note – from now on, I or Alexa will write a post, and then the other blogger, and we will both write about the same things so that we can compare it together. It’s just a way of doing a partner blog.

Well, Alexa’s class ran our Junior School assembly this week. Her class’s theme was: ‘Smiles are for Sharing’. Her class recited poems, said Bible readings, prayers and a ridiculous poem at the end about candies and wishing that the narrator had taken care of his/her teeth. At the end, the all wore fake teeth, though they looked like they were ruined like candy, just like the narrator of the poem’s were. This assembly was interesting, fun and interactive, as you could laugh or smile, and express your feelings however you liked. I really enjoyed Alexa’s class’s assembly and I cannot wait to see their next one! (The link to their class blog post about that is here: http://year5rc.edublogs.org/2012/05/30/smiles-are-for-sharing/).

Jess, proudly bookworm.

Stating Up The Blog Again

Hi guys
I am starting the blog back up again.
My last post was in January and this time it will be about every week or more.
It will be more intresting. And thankyou to my editor Jess I would not be here writing this post on the blog.
So I hope you enjoy what’s on the blog 🙂

A New Helper…

Hi all. I’m Jess, and I am going to be with Alexa and blogging with her. If you make a comment or ask a question, you may be answered by either of us, so if you like, you can specify which one of us you would like to answer.

I also have a personal blog, (on the sidebar) called ‘A Bookworm’s Blog’. Visit that too if you like.

I hope you like my blogging – Jess, proudly bookworm. (That’s my sign off).

Rain fall

Hi guys!
I have just found out a great weather site. It is:


All you need to do is select your state, scroll down to the bottom and choose radar satellite maps. I recommend the radar. It will indicate the type of rain your state is having and it is great when you are going to a state in Australia. I don’t know the weather it is a government site. Have heaps of fun exploring…


Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda

Hi everyone!

Have you ever heard of the book Rowan of Rin? It is amazing. It is about a story when 7 people who go up the mountain, to unblock the river that everyone drinks from. Only 6 people making it home, though. There are twists and turns throughout the whole book. It is adventurous and exciting. Nothing will bore you out of your minds. With the holidays coming, it would be a great time to read it…

I hope you start to read it.